Which day Taj mahal is closed?

Hi I am visiting from US and one of my first destination will be Agra to see the Taj. However I was unable to find any information about Taj opening and closing time and days. Does it opens on Sunday?


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  1. Juneja says:

    Taj Mahal is closed on Friday and best would be to take a guide for the monument visit. He will be able to explain you in detail. You can even plan a Full moon visit to this place, it is better to book your tickets in advance. To be on the safer side plan a Taj Mahal visit during dawn and dusk, sight is more wonderful and enthralling.

  2. Preeti says:
    You can easily find this kind of info from sites like Wikipedia or wikitravel.
    Taj mahal is closed on Fridays and not Sundays. Here are some important details from wikitravel

    “The Taj is open from 6 AM to 7:30 PM every day except Friday. Entry costs Rs. 250 (plus levy of Rs. 500) for foreigners and Rs. 20 for Indians. Get there as early as possible to beat the crowds, and plan to visit the Taj at least two different times during the day (dusk and dawn are best) in order to experience the full effect of changing sunlight on the amazing building. It is also utterly stunning under a full moon.

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