When NOC is required for bike

Hi All,
I am relocated to Faridabaad for 18 months of client site visit. So, i need to bring my bike from Karnataka to Faridabaad ( Or delhi ). I will have to come back to bangalore after 18 months.

My doubt is

Do i need to get a NOC copy from the Bangalore RTO ?

What are the formalities related to my bike i need to do after i reach delhi.

Do i need to pay road tax there again ?


2 answers on “When NOC is required for bike”

  1. Naveen says:

    Is NOC required when I move my Bike from Hyderabad to Gurgaon?

  2. Vibhav says:

    Hi Subrat,

    You do not have to get any NOC and there are no formalities required.
    I suppose that you would be transporting your bike through some courier company or Train, just keep with yourself the proof of that.
    Road tax need not be paid on coming here.
    Haryana and other northern states are do not make a fuss over this.

    Generally speaking since road tax in the southern states is more, it is required to pay road tax if you are taking a vehicle with Haryana/Delhi registration to say Andra Pradesh or Karnataka.

    So just chill and come over 🙂


    If its the other way

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