What is the approx budget to plan for a Rajwadi marriage?

It has always been my fiancée’s wish to have a Rajwadi wedding. Though we don’t have extravagant budget for this but I still want to know what would be the approx cost for us to plan for such a weeding? Any resorts in Udaipur as it is the nearest for us from Delhi that offers special packages for the same? We don’t have any issues to cut short the invitees list for the same to accommodate the cost in our budget. Any ideas?



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  1. Nimita says:

    I think you should work it out the other way, decide on a budget first (at least ballpark) and then start looking for resort and options.
    To give you some ideas below are some factors on which the cost will vary:

    1. No of attendees
    2. Resort
    3. Decoration and events
    4. Performances ( celebrity/ others) is any
    5. Travel( in case you sponsor tickets for invitees)

    A typical destination marriage of 200 folks can cost anywhere between 20 lacs to 1 Cr depending on above factors.

    Would be happy to help as you define some specifics on what you want.


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