Want to show snowfall to kids. How to plan?

Hi All

I am from Bhopal (MP) and my kids want to see snowfall. For this we are planning a trip to North near Christmas & new year. I need to get some tips on how to plan my itinerary so that chance of our witnessing the snowfall is highest. Since we will be traveling from so far I do not want my kids to be disappointed and miss the snowfall.

J.M Sharma

2 answers on “Want to show snowfall to kids. How to plan?”

  1. Damini Gupta says:

    Best places around Delhi to encounter snow are Nainital, Mussorie, Shimla, Gulmarg etc. You can come to New Delhi and visit these places.

  2. S. K says:

    You cannot really plan for it as its always uncertain. You can just increase your chances to see snowfall. You need to keep watching the weather reports ( Like Accuweather app which you can install on your phone ), and when rains are predicted at higher places (Manali, Shimla, Mussoorie) you can plan a trip and be ready to stay for long ( you can get stuck if there is a lot of snow ).

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