Visit to Leh Ladakh in May with kid ,is it safe for him?

We plan for visit Leh Ladakh in may by plane, with my 5 years old son, but now we are confusing for take son with us because of high altitude. Please help us, is it safe for my son, if yes what precaution should I take, what is climate in May? Can we visit all sights easily with him. Any other suggestion for packing which is must for Leh.
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  1. Laveena singh says:
    Please do not forget to pack the woolens like Jackets,monkey caps, gloves, socks, good boots, shades, torch, raincoat, hot water bottle and sunscreen. There are very high chances of getting sunburn. Please dress yourself in layers and drink plenty of water and eat even if you do not feel like.

    For kids its not very tough in comparison to problems that an adult might face due to breathlessness and fatigue. A 5 year old kid should be mostly ok considering the energy kids have. However since you are going by plane try to acclimatize yourself and remain in hotel for first 2 days. Keep medicines handy and do not go to remote places without proper planning.

  2. Indrajeet says:

    The temperature in Ladakh would be around 20-30 degree on average. One can certainly enjoy the panoramic views of Ladakh. It would be not that tough for a child but here one experiences the altitude problem as well. High altitude places should be avoided as it can create some problems with the child. Try to be in the remote areas where easily medical aid is available.

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