Treks around Bhimtal

I’ll be in bhimtal for 7 days this summer, looking for some nice treks around.
I dont have much experience of trekking but very keen on trying it this year. Need help on the following:
1. What are some small hikes around bhimtal?
2. Safety issues: Is it safe for a person to trek alone in the region or is it advised to go with a local or a guide? I mean safety in terms of muggers and animals.
3. Even if there are some treks in the adjoining area where we can drive first and then trek, I am fine with it.


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  1. Sahil says:

    Hello Sonam,

    As you said that you do not have much experience in trekking then small treks in Bhimtal like Bhimtal lake trek where you can trek from your resort to the lake through the thick alpine forest, or if u choose to have little big trek than you can also take on Pine Riviera Trek which is a 14 km trek from Bhimtal and is an ideal place for camping.

    Look Trekking to a place you are not aware of and that to when you do have much experience in it definately has risk involved in it so it will be good if you take along with you someone who i8s aware of the place very well a local guide would do it for you.

    And some of the good treks around Bhimtal you can also consider the following Sattal, Naukuchiyatal, Pangot, Mukhteshwar would do it for you…..:):)

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