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I am doing my engineering in Dehradun and have developed interest in trekking, have heard that Dehradun has a lot of places to visit in the wild.

Does someone here know of some small trekks that can be covered in max 1-2 days time. I am not looking for the far off places where one has to drive millions of kms to reach the starting point of trek.

Vinod Bhat

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  1. Veeru says:


    Few treks which are quite good options near Dehradun are like Dhanaulti, that area is full of amazing routes in the wild or you can go to hathi pao near Mussorie. If you are going for longer route then you can take Nag tibba trekking which will be 03 – 04 days trek to enjoy for a while.


  2. vibhav gaur says:

    Hi Vinod,
    rigntly said, the same thing happened with me as well and I too safely assumed the biggest fall to be the Shekhar falls 🙂

    The trek of Mussoorie also starts from the same location as the trek to Shekhar falls only that once you start the trek the there are two diversions and if I can remember correctly the one which goes down goes to Mussoorie and the one that goes up goes to shekhar falls.

    No on the trek to mussoorie you would not find anything till jhadi paani (which is very near to mussoorie), so better carry some stuff and lots of water if you trek in summer.


  3. vinod says:


    I was also thinking there should be trek to Mussoorie, any idea where exactly is shehenshahi ashram (start point for Mussoorie trek) falls, also would we find food and stuff on the way?
    Shekhar falls I have already tried but I went there during monsoon and there was a small water fall after every almost every 500 meters so could not really decipher which one is shekhar falls, so assumed the biggest one to be it 🙂

    Thanks for the information

  4. vibhav says:

    Hi there are several options for trekking around Dehradun. In fact you go any direction for 10 Kms in Dehradun and you would find a trekking area streams, jungles and all:-)

    Few options that I have tried are:
    Mussoorie: Trek starts from a place called Shahenshahi Ashram near Rajpur, and you can trek upto jhadi paani near Musoorie, we did the trek both ways in a single day, though came back late-around 5AM to 7PM.

    Dhanolti: This is a slightly longer trek starting from Raipur would take at least a day for one way trip, you can go in a day, reach Dhanolti spend the night at Dhanolti and trek back next day. Dhanolti trek is beautiful with a stream running along the trek, we had to stay overnight in a village called Rawali (near Shawali) as one of my friends got missing for some time.

    Bhadraj: : There is a temple in Bhadraj and there are two ways for reaching bhadraj
    1. From a small village called Horawala (35 Kms from Dehradun)
    2. From Mussoorie (Hathi pao) this is a shorter one.
    Both ways journey can be covered in a days time.

    Shekhar falls: This is a tiny-mini trek again starting from shehenshahi ashram only about 2-3 kms which leads to a fall called shekhar falls.

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