Terms of use

Indiantravel.info is a place to exchange information and ideas, ask and answer queries related to Indian Travel & Tourism. People from all over the globe comes to this website for asking questions or searching for answers. Thousands of users also reply to questions and share information, suggestions and discuss various things on this site.

This is why its very important that everyone using this site respect and follow some simple rules and standards.

Rules and Standards

  1. Posting of own or anyone else’s personal information is not allowed. Its not allowed to provide or disclose anyone’s email, real name, address, phone number, IP address, or any other personal information in either questions or in reply to questions
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  4. Worthless and unclear information is not allowed. Also when asking or replying to a question we encourage users to use proper English and correct Grammer. SMS speak is not permitted on the site, especially phonetic replacements for words, like “c u” for “see you” and “gr8” for “great”

Privacy Policy

In order to make it an open and easy platform to share information its not required to login and become a member to ask questions or reply to any questions on IndianTravel.Info.

We however require your correct email address when you are submitting any information. This allows us to contact you if needed. We respect your privacy, and your email and/or other personal information will not be disclosed or sold to a third party. Your email address is NOT displayed anywhere on this website. We also save your IP address when you submits a question or answer. This is done solely for security purpose and is not used to track or identify you in any manner.