Suggest some good places to visit in North India?


I’m landing in India for the first time on Oct 15th and not much idea where to go or when. So please suggest me some possible itineraries.

I am Landing in Delhi on Oct 15th and will be there for official work for 2 months till mid of December. Since the amount of work is more I will not be having much time to travel, so most of my travel visits will be short (1-3 days ). And since India is a big country I think I will be able to cover some places in North India only.

So I just want some suggestions from other readers of this site where to go. My special interests are wildlife and adventure tourism.

Thanks in Advance

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  1. Avro says:

    Hi Eric,

    North India is a great option for tourist. From Hills to Deserts to Historical monuments..there are lots of options to check out like:

    1. Leh & Ladakh
    2. Srinagar
    3. Shimla
    4. Manali
    5. Sigri
    6. Jaisalmer
    7. Kanatal


  2. Ashok says:
    Hi Eric,

    If you would be in Delhi and you have only 1-3 days in your hand for any trip.
    Then you can go to:
    1. Jaipur
    2. Agra
    3. Varanasi
    4. Nainital
    5. Corbet National Park
    6. Rishikesh
    7. Srinagar & Gulmarg
    8. Mussorie


  3. Girdhar says:

    Hi ,

    I am myself from North India which includes the fascinating destination like Srinagar, Gulmarg where you can do Skiing, Auli, Ladakh which is truly a adorable destination. You can do road trip and camping and trekking on chadar trek on Zaknsar river in the month of January. For wildlife you can visit Corbet national Park.


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