Snow fall in Mussoorie Dhanolti. Details required

I got to know that a good snowfall has happened in Mussoorie and Dhanolti. Can someone let us know the details, how many inches and all. Also if we plan to go to Mussoorie over the weekend then any chances if the snow would still be there?

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  1. Ankita Singh says:

    I planning to go to Dhanaulti on Saturday. Do you think its gonna snow

  2. Vibhav says:

    Right now I am in Dehradun, although it was a little cloudy yesterday but its bright and sunny today, so I don’t think it can snow tomorrow in Mussoorie. Generally after 1-2 days of rain in Dehradun and Mussoorie it snows, if you are here to stay a little longer then you might get to witness snowfall

  3. Pallav Raj says:

    If anyone want to go for Mussoorie or Dhanolti then Monday 15th Feb to Wed 17th Feb will be good. There would be some chances for snowfall due to rain

  4. Ayesha says:

    Only once so far this year 🙁
    We are having our fingers crossed for the next snowfall to happen.

  5. Tarun says:

    how many times did it snow in mussoorie in 2009 any idea?

  6. manik says:

    Thanks I’d better me on my toes to launch for Mussoorie. Lets hope for another round of snow. Do u have any link to where you look for the weather charts and satellite pics?

  7. GSG says:

    Well, you might be lucky. There are 90% chances of it snowing again over the coming weekend. I have looked at the weather charts, satellite pics, looks promising for a white weekend.

  8. indiantravel says:

    There will be snow or not on the weekend cannot be predicted. Generally in a days sunshine, the snow melts and then you can only find snow/ice on the shaded hills. However if the weather over the next few days is rainy then you may be lucky to have the snowfall again. Generally snowfall does not happen in Feb in Mussoorie. Strange but true

  9. Saurabh says:

    Yes I am from Dehradun and today there was a good snowfall over Mussoorie. But now its over. Moreover I have just heard that in Shimla it was very heavy

  10. Pranjal says:

    I confirmed the same and there was a snowfall last night yet to confirm how long will it last

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