Robbers Cave – Other interesting places in and around Dehradun?

I am visiting Dehradun and Mussoorie this month, can some one please tell me of some interesting places in and around Dehradun and Mussoorie. I need pointers to some place which are not crowded. A friend suggested robbers cave- if you could give some details for that too. I’ll be there for a week’s time


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  1. vibhav Gaur says:
    Apart from robbers cave let me add some of my best hangouts around Dehradun,

    I’ll count some of the not so well known but fantastic places

    Kalsi-55 Kms from Dehradun on the Chakrata road, a place that can be easily covered in a single day. Here you would see the pure and clean Yamuna (Delhites won’t even recognize it is Yamuna). Just get off the road and climb down to the bank of the river. Dont get deep in the water as the flow can be more than u would imagine it to be.

    Shekhar Falls: Even most of the doonites don’t know of this place, this is a small 3-4 kms trek from the Sahansahi ashram(the starting point for the trek to Mussoorie), its actually massive in monsoon.

    Jungle opposite Sai Baba Mandir rajpur road
    We have just wandered into this jungle many a times, just park your bike somewhere near Sai baba mandir and walk towards the jungle across the road. If you are one of those junglee kinds then you’d be exhilarated. We have even spotted the giant lizard and porcupine there. After a decent walk you would reach the upstream of the river that flows down towards the robbers cave.

    Asaan Barrage – The photographers can have a treat for there cameras here, this place is about 50 kms from Dehradun on the Paonta sahib route. The yamuna before going into the Asaan Barrage(dam) forms a huge lake here which has turned up to be one of the biggest migratory bird’s asylum. Its a must visit for bird watchers. Some water sports also happen at this place.

    The best thing about Dehradun is that you move in any direction for 15-20 kms, you will find a breathtaking view waiting to be absorbed, you would find a stream, a jungle a hill and u can then say this is my picnic spot for today.

  2. vibhav says:

    Robbers cave(Guchu Pani) is my favorite place in Dehradun, first time I went there when I was in 10’th class. But its now the perfect climate to be there if you delay then the water may be too cold. Robbers cave is at a distance of around 8 Kms from the city.

    Its simply amazing to walk between gigantic rocks with pleasant stream flowing through your feet and drops of water spring on your face from the top. There is a little bit of rock climbing too that you need to do and after walking around 1km in the caves you reach a clear ground spot with grass all around that looks awesome. Don’t miss that.

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