Road trip by car, all guys, Bangalore to Goa and back


We are planning a road trip (by car, all guys) to Goa from Bangalore. Bangalore to Goa and back
Can someone suggest the best route (route options) to take, we are looking for more of scenic roadside landscapes.


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  1. Shashank says:
    Hi Ramandeep,

    Well there is a long and scenic way and then there is the short and scenic way :D.
    Route 1 – bangalore – Mangalore then head up towards goa on the NH 17. This way is pretty long, but you get to ride parallel to the Arabian and you can see a very large number of beaches as you go along.
    Route 2 – Bangalore Tumkur Tiptur Shimoga (jog falls) Honnavar then on to the NH – 17 towards Karwar and finally Goa. On this route you will get a chance to visit Jog falls.

  2. sanjay says:
    I had done the same drive (October 2002, if my memory serves me right). We went via the NH till Hubli, and then took the route via Karwar. It was longish, but a wonderful road.

    On the way back, we came via the Jog falls. It was evening by the time we reached the falls, so we could not see its full glory it opens in the morning sometime.
    the route back was:

    We had traveled in an Esteem. We had 1 puncture in Goa, and one fuse out on the Highway. Which was a bit scary, with everything going dark all of a sudden, but we had a person who knew exactly what to do!

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