Ranthambore National Park…details required

Ranthambore National Park
Namaste….apologies if I’ve spelt it wrong
Anyways just wondering if it is worth spending two nights in the park….we have a hotel for one night already booked, and a canter safari but we have the option to extend???
Is it worth it?

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  1. steven says:

    I also saw the crocodiles in the river by the road on the way into the park. Ranthambore – whichever route you take is full of wild life. Tigers are apparently common on only 2 or 3 routes.

    We also saw leopard high on the ridge, late in the evening – on the ‘bad’ route. Bird life is prolific everywhere within the park.


  2. kabarry says:

    When you take a safari in Ranthambore they draw lots for the route you’ll take. There is the small chance that you’ll end up with the same route for two consecutive safaris. Some routes are ‘good’ – many sightings; others are ‘dead’ – very few if any sightings.

    We took 3 safaris (one canter, two jeeps). Saw a tiger from the canter, and a leopard from one of the jeeps. The other jeep safari (on a ‘bad’ route) yielded just chitals, peacocks. monkeys, birds and sambal – which for Ranthambore is disappointing.

  3. Obi says:

    I spent two full days doing the safari thing a month ago.Just when i was about to give up,on the afternoon of my second day we got to see three big tigers. Of course, you might have luck the first day but two days is still worth the time as there’s plenty to see.


  4. shoma says:

    Yes Ranthambore national park is actually worth a couple of days, you can do a safari in the morning and the afternoon and the next day a visit to Ranathambore Fort which is also goood.


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