Rafting rishikesh strike? By all providers?

Hi All,

I have heard that the rafting people at Rishikesh have done a strike, is it true? How long will this go?
Any ideas, actually I was planning to go for rafting this weekend.


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  1. abhinay says:

    I just had a word with a industry person at Rishikesh. He gave me the following details:

    1. The rafting operators have done a strike because the govt has levied an entertainment tax of 20% on rafting and has made it applicable as of last season.

    2. So now the operators are doing an agitation that they will not take the permits unless the tax is removed.

    3. There have already been two groups formed in the operators, one group is saying that they should keep the agitation on however should accept the permits for the season while others have the view that the strikes should be continued.

    4. According to the weather and water levels the rafting season should have begun by now, its only the permit factor now…so you might see a hike in rafting prices this season.

  2. abhay sharma says:

    Hello Adventure lover.
    Strike is still on

  3. Gaurav says:

    Yes, I have also heard of strike for rafting, however, camping packages are still open without rafting. Hope the strike would be over by 22nd

  4. rajat says:

    Yeah. Its true. I just had a chat with one of the guys in Rishikesh. However its expected to end in 2-3 days. We have also cancelled our plan for this weekend.

  5. Amit Singh says:

    Yes it is true can’t say when it will end. But the strike is definitely ON for now

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