Purchasing power of Australian dollar in India?

Hi folks, thanks for inviting me to this forum. Yes I am interested in Indian travel and tourism and in fact going to visit India for the first time earlier next year. I have a very specific question. I know Australian dollar is equal to approx 36 INR, so I want to know what is the purchasing power of 36 Rs in India?

How much AUS $ should I carry for a normal stay for 1 month there with me?

Daniel ( Canberra )

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  1. vxplor says:

    Heyy Daniel,

    In terms of the purchasing power it varies depending on the city you are in. But to have the most accurate idea you can get a loaf of bread in aroung 15-as 20 INR.1 Litre bottle of water is 10-12 rupees and as a comparision u can benchmark a bottle of Coke(500 ML) is appx 20 INR.
    Cost of hotels and food would largely depend on the kind of luxury you want to have.

    Hope u get some idea…and hope I have not confused u further.
    njoy in India

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