Places to visit in Hyderabad?

Hi we are a newly married couple from Mumbai and my husband is going for a official trip to hyderabad with me for a week. It will be our first trip to the city and we will get some moderate amount of time to hang around. Can someone suggest good places to visit there inside the city. I have a travel book but need some real people opinion also ?

Shalini Ahuja ( Mumbai )

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  1. Hyderabad Shopping Places says:

    Hyderabad Central is a newly erected huge mall in Hyderabad, India. This mall offers shopping, movies and food. PVR Cinemas is located on the top floor of the mall. Hyderabad Central has a slogan as Shop, eat and celebrate.

  2. naga says:

    Some other things to do in Hyderabad & food to eat

    Best Biryani: Paradise, 4 Seasons
    (Paradise, in itself, is extremely famous place & is near to Secunderabad Railway Station.)

    Famed local shopping Malls: City Center, Hyderabad Central, Prasads.

    Things not to be missed: Jewellery made of Pearls

    Major Sights: Charminar, Salarjung Musuem, Mecca Mosque, Hussain Sagar area which includes famous Birla Temple, Golconda Fort, Ramoji Film City

    For covering all these sights, you require at least three days i.e a day for Ramoji Film City, a day for Charminar/Salarjung Museum/Mecca Mosque and to some extent Hussain Sagar area whereas Golconda fort requires separately one day (Light & Sound show is worth watching but is during evening time).

    By hiring Taxi, you may buy more time but Autorikshaws are readily available in city. For Film City, hire a taxi.

    Temperature: In afternoon hours, it will be hot whereas evening and subsequently nights will be cool.

  3. malonie says:

    Hey vibhav,
    That indeed was a detailed overview about good old Hyderabad 🙂

  4. vibhav says:

    Hey thanks for the accolades.

    Now to further justify the praises, let me add a few more places to your list 🙂 just in case you have missed out any:

    If you are ready to go a bit away from Hyderabad then you can peek into some more options:

    Medak and Pocharam:
    Medak is at a distance of about 80 kms from Hyderabad(The NH7 highway from Hyderabad (via Medchal) would take around two hours. ). It is famous for Medak Cathedral (built in 1914) and Medak fort. Only 15-20 Kms from Medak is Pocharam canal and wildlife sanctuary (you can only go inside the sanctuary covered 4 wheelers along with a forest guard) and the Pocharam reservoir. In one of our visits we had a chance to take a dip in the canal.

    Bhongir Fort
    It is another nearby place around 50 Kms from Hyderabad. Go there on a cloudy day to enjoy the small trek. The fort is built on a single mammoth stone and you have to only see it to appreciate it.

    Punjabi Dhaba – (Think the name is Kamlesh dhaba)
    This is more of a non conventional outing, we often go on early morning biking and breakfast trips to this punjabi dhaba which is around 60 kms on the bangalore highway towards the left. With the 6 laning in place the time to reach would also increase

  5. vibhav says:

    Yea I have been in Hyderabad for a while now.
    Do post back if some other details are required. Happy to give other pointers 🙂
    Have a nice trip

  6. Shalini says:

    WOW. Awesome details… are you from Hyderabad only ? 🙂

  7. vibhav says:
    Hyderabad is a city that speaks of historical glory therefore it has numerous places to visit around..Let me count some of the good options for you:

    Golkonda Fort (Visit during the evening in around 4-5’ish so that you can see it in light as well as attend the sound and light show), though the fort is all in ruins but attending the light and sound show gives you a feeler of the place and how it would had been. Once you walk to the top the view of Hyderabad is worth the walk.

    Charminar – People say it is a must place to tick in Hyderabad, because of the historical significance but I found the place very crowded so I wont vouch for that 🙂

    Ramu ji Film City – Astounding acres for green land with well guided bus tour and certain shows like the stunt, comedy other shows that give you a feel of how films would have been made. The bus guides are awesome and when they tell you what scenes from which films were shot at particular places you can actually see your imagination running wild. A must watch I must say.

    The secret Lake (Durgam chervu) One of my favorites for dating. Can go there for a pleasant evening. Do some paddle boating and have some chai and coffee.

    Prasads: IMAX…look out if there is a 3D movie being screened at prasads its a must watch. Also has some gaming zones and haunted house..

    Hussain Sagar: Its nice to have a late night walk on the sides of Hussain sagar. Though the eat street is mostly crowded on the weekends.

    Shopping – There are numerous shopping areas in Hyderabad too but since you are coming from Mumbai I don’t think would be in your hit list. If you are planning to buy some pearls then Mangatrai jewellers is a decent option at panjakutta.

    Nagarjuna Sagar – Ethipothala falls – If you are looking for a days outing then its a wow option.

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