Place near Delhi for travelling

I live in Delhi and I want to know about a nearby place where I can spend a whole week. So, please suggest me about it.


2 answers on “Place near Delhi for travelling”

  1. akansha says:

    Mussoorie and Danhaulti are getting common nowdays and these places are getting populated day by day. So, in case you want to head for a nearby place, then Mukteshwar, Almora and Binsar are also not a bad option.

  2. Somya says:

    If you want to head there by road then there is no better option than Mussoorie and Danhaulti. One can spend two days in former as well as three days in the latter. However, if one wants to spend some more time then the options of Haridwar and Rishikesh are also there where no trouble of hotel and lodging takes place.

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