Physical fitness for Valley of Flowers?

Scenic beauty of Valley of Flowers has always attracted me to the core. Finally I will be visiting the valley this year. I have heard one has to be physically fit for the trek of the Valley. Being an office person I hardly have time to exercise. Prior to the trip how much time do I need to start exercising so that I can have a hassle free experience?



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  1. Rohan says:

    Thank you for the blog Vibhav, it was quite insightful.
    Meanwhile I also did he researching part where in I found cycling as one of the main exercises to be started before going for a trek.

    Is it fine to just go for cycling for about 20 days prior to my trek to increase my stamina?

  2. Vibhav says:

    Dear Rohan,

    Welcome to the world of trekking.
    First of all would like to let you know that right time to visit Valley of Flowers (VOF) is August & September (Monsoon Season).

    Below are some insights that might be of help
    1. Not to scare you but that’s the time of landslides as well, so do keep some buffer days with you in case you get stuck because of road blockages.
    2. Before you leave from here, it would be worthwhile to get to know if the road till govindghat (which is on the way to Badrinath) is open or not.
    3. The trek is simple but wet (because of monsoon), but that’s the reason why it is also super green, so plan accordingly.
    4. Most of the trail is well made and with small eateries shacks because the route is shared between trekkers to VOF and pilgrims of Hemkund Sahib.
    5. Its worth planning a day in Auli on the way back.
    6. Coming to the main question: It’ll be a nice idea to start working out atleast 15 days before the trek so you do not have cramps: I have put together details on how to prepare ina ablog, so you might like to go through this link:

    Feel free to get in touch for any queries.


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