Padampuri: How safe is for girls?

We are group of 06 girls and planning to go to Padampuri in first week of June. How safe it is for girls?
Any girl co-ordinator who can team up with us and guide throughout the trip?


2 answers on “Padampuri: How safe is for girls?”

  1. Jhilmil says:


    Quite a good and serene place. I would recommend you to take your own private vehicle and check on petrol because there are high chances that you wont get petrol in that area.

    A very good place to visit during monsoon.


  2. Durba says:

    Hi Rewa,

    Padampuri is close to Nainital and is pretty safe when it comes to safety. I went on a official trip with this company and they were all girls. They managed everything so well that we did not even felt for a moment that we are out of place.
    vXplor is the company and they have girls as co- ordinators who can help you out with every detail.
    Go ahead…Bye!…Durba

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