Noisy India?


Its more of an observation than a question.
I visited various parts of India last month and now I am back in France.

I found your country as too noisy.. unnecessary honkings, loud music + chatting in restaurants ( I could not even talk to my friend sitting in front of me on some instances ) .. Temples and mosques are spreading their messages and devotion with loudspeakers ( sometimes even in nights ) .. people almost shouting when talking … and many more…

and there is no effort to curb it… either by govt or by people…
I want to also know if anyone in India also think so ?? or its acceptable to all of you ?


9 answers on “Noisy India?”

  1. Shiva says:

    Indians love being noisy.In fact if someone is quiet they start criticizing and start finding faults.They love poking their noses in others affairs.

  2. Bad karma says:

    I am in the same boat as Indian victim. People here have giant egos and I cant understand where it comes from. anyways we indians collectively are a frustrated lot. Just look at our country. Everything is so ugly. People cant stand beauty so they do the best they can to tear it down. Crab mentality. No civic sense. I’ve been to more decent zoos around the world where even animals tend to be more sober.

    Sorry for being so negative, because we do have a rich culture. i just dont see it being applied anywhere.

  3. Me says:

    People with massive inferiority complexes tend to make most noise. They just want to be noticed. Making noise is one of the few actions that requires no skill, and is free. Indians (mostly the younger generation) believe you can’t have fun without making noise.

  4. Kevin Leanne says:

    Last night I had been through a amazingly noisy night in the hotel. The indian guests in the other room are so talented in making people crazy. It’s like they never stop producing annoying,raised,creepy sounds to let the whole world notice their existence. You never get out of the horrible nightmare since expirence this. ..deep deep solid impression.

  5. indian victim says:

    I am born indian. And i have been tortured almost every day in my life , due to the noisy #@$#@ indians. They make a lot of noise. Especially the HINDUS ( i am a hindu too)
    Dirty indian culture has loud speakers as an integral part of their culture. In maharashtra especially.. @#@$#@ people here are making noise all the time. Living in peace here is a CRIME. Most disgusting people , I have been living among. I hate this noisy, corrupted , ugly country, with dirty ugly people.

  6. Steve says:

    I was living with three indian dormmates a year ago and all I can say about them is that they are a noisy lot. The volume of their banters are enormously loud and indian music was running almost 3 hours daily with volume high enough to disturb everyone in the dorm. We had to remind them to lower the volume of the musics EVERY single day so that we could study and sleep properly. They yell in the decibel of an airplane even when they were 5 ft apart as if they were afraid the flight control centre couldnt hear them.

    I like to clarify that I am no racist but living with indians have gave me a valuable insight into their culture and prompted me to conclude that I can never live along with noisy people. I know not all Indians are noisy but these dormmates really gave me a bad impression on your lot.

    So, you are not alone. Johan.

  7. Lee says:

    It’s true, Indians are the noisiest people I’ve ever encountered. I live in Hyderabad and the constant noise is incredible. If it’s not the ridiculous continual honking of horns (some of which are like the horn on a ship!!), it’s the shouting to each other when ‘talking’, sound of the mosques over loudspeakers, banging of doors in apartments or scraping furniture across the floor. It even got me wondering if Indians are just born with a genetical defect which gives them bad hearing!! How else can you explain the constant honking of horns when they drive? Do they need to drive by sonar or something?!

    Vibhav – I’ve visited many big cities around the world and none even come close to the noise in India!!!

  8. sick of them says:

    Indians are NOISY everywhere. We live in Singapore and now have just spent $15000
    to get away from them. They yell (which is there talking) outside your door, don’t
    disaplin their kids. These are the only people in the world I have ever found annoying.
    O they are also very very ignorant, expect you to move out of there way so they can
    walk on the footpath 3 wide or more. Indians is a bad word to me as they have made
    our live hell for the past 2 years

  9. vibhav says:

    TRy visiting the himilayas…then you’ll experience innate silence where you can actually hear your breath and probably even your heart beats… 🙂

    I am damn sure you would have visited the big cities .. which are noisy around the world so we have nothing special in that regard…


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