Night Hiking: Is it scary or not?

I have never heard about night hiking. Is it done in real pitch dark? what are the equipments required for this activity?


2 answers on “Night Hiking: Is it scary or not?”

  1. Bharatendra says:

    Hi Mehul,

    Night Hiking is one of the most kool adventurous activity. You will get to see a different view of the place or the jungle where you are going.

    Its quite safe if you are going with proper safety equipment’s like torches or Head Lamps, a stick, a good trekking shoe and with a compass.

    As without safety equipments nothing is safe.

    So, i will surely suggest you to try it once.


  2. Raja says:

    Hi Mehul,

    Raja here. Night hiking is fun and one of the most adventurous activity. You can certainly go for it with proper and safe equipments like good light torch, good gripping shoes and a stick if you need.
    It is usually done in pitch dark depending on the weather.


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