New year bash…beach options in india

We are planning a new year outing to some beaches in india…

which ones are the most popular and not too crowded ones..

Don’t want to head for goa for sure…


2 answers on “New year bash…beach options in india”

  1. Nehra says:

    Hi Raghav,

    If you do not want to go for a crowded place and still wants to enjoy…than you can go to
    1. Daman & Diu
    2. Lakhshwadeep
    3. Mandarmuni


  2. raghav says:

    If you have your group of enthusiastic frnds then its better to plan your own beach party rather than join some organised party…

    I have organised such parties at the OM Beach in 06 and Karwar Beach in eve of 07…

    Just get ur music,food,beer, drinks and of course friends and you would enjoy to the extreme…

    Have a beautiful next year 🙂


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