Mumbai in monsoon, is it a good bet?

Is it the right time to visit Mumbai? Have heard Mumbai is a mess during monsoon season. Is it really true? I have always wanted to be at Marine Drive while it is raining hard. But flood situation in Mumbai do scare me out with my adventurous plans. Is it safe to be in Mumbai now or should I wait for the monsoon to enter its last stage?


2 answers on “Mumbai in monsoon, is it a good bet?”

  1. Priya says:

    Mumbai is all flooded in rainy season with pathchy roads and dull sky. there are no as such way left over here when you visit such place. rather you can go in the autumn or the winters,the weather is appropriate at that point of time.the place is anyways good for having a trip or as such things but you should plan for the right thing.

  2. Karan says:

    Hi Apruv,
    Mumbai in monsoon may not be the right bet to go for. Heavy rains and humidity in Mumbai have always been something that do scare the hell out of everyone based in and outside the city. Though those who love rains may love the weather. But as far as visiting is concerned better it is to wait for the monsoon season enter its last stage so that you could avoid the flood like situation…. I mean you plan of being at Marine Drive when it rains could go in vain if flood comes in as you won’t be able to step outside your hotel room, feeling stuck…. 😉

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