Joshimath from Rishikesh, best travel option…?

I am staying 2 days in Rishikesh after which I want to go to Joshimatha and then to Auli, are there trains available on the route?

If not, is bus the only option or there is an alternative, I usually get sick on hilly bus rides?

Can self driven cars be hired, can one trave by bike???


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  1. Urban Indian says:

    Rishikesh is a nice place. It seems that you are enjoying your stay there. Good luck to your endeavours.

  2. Mik says:

    It is a long slow journey I must say, would advise you to leave early morning to try and reach before night. On the way back the journey being downhill would be faster and you would be excited and may be scared to see the last stretch while reaching rishikesh from joshimath 😀 njoy the trip

  3. Nij says:

    hi kevin,

    The night journeys are not allowed and advisable in uttrakhand higher mountains… you would not be able to find any public transport during nights to joshimath/auli from rishikesh/haridwar…
    Its best to stay overnight at rishikesh and then get the bus in morning (starts at 4-4:30 AM)
    (GMOU bus stand, dehradun road rishikesh) and you can also get local ‘shared jeep’ to joshimath(from natraj chowk, rishikesh).

  4. raghav says:


    No trains are only available till haridwar, after that you would need to travel by road.

    The bikes can be hired from rishikesh, there are ample agencies there. You should only go on a bike if you are confident of your riding skills.
    The concept of self-driven cars is not very popular this side of the country however you can always rent a cab.


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