Jaipur-The pink city travel plan


Would anyone here help me prepare my travel plan for Jaipur.
I am coming to Jaipur for a weekend (I will reach on Friday night, will have Saturday and Sunday full days and go back to Delhi on Sunday night).
I am more interested in historic places and handicrafts. Please let me know the best places to visit.

Jessica Reading

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  1. Kishore says:

    Handicrafts of Jaipur are famous throughout the world. There are various work which really attracts tourists are Woodwork, Marble work, metal work and Pottery. Do not forget to go shopping.

    Historical monuments which really shows the royalty of our ancient times are Amber fort, Nahargarh Palace, Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Jantar Mantar.

  2. Nitin Wasil says:

    Hey Jess You are most welcome:) Hope you have a wonderful time in Jaipur..
    No,I’m not from Jaipur. But, I worked there for a year. So that’s how I know a bit about that place.

    Do post about your trip to Jaipur and enlighten us with your experience as different perspectives would really add to the info bank for this thread to all the tourists interested in going to Jaipur.

    Thanks and have a great and exciting time ahead.

  3. Jessica Reading says:

    Forgot to mention, got the information just in time 🙂 , I am leaving for Jaipur today evening.
    Thanks a ton.

  4. Jessica Reading says:

    Thanks Nitin,

    That is a brilliant gist of information and would sure be helpful, I can already foresee an eventful trip to Jaipur. You seem to be from Jaipur, congrats on being from a colorful city in India. Dune surfing would be a little too much for me but I sure can try a Camel ride (it would be less scary 🙂 )

  5. Nitin Wasil says:
    You have chosen the perfect place to view vibrant colors of India.
    Historically, places which would be a must see are given below:


    Do make it a point to visit the Old Jaipur City (Pink City)Market,known as Badhi Chaupad & Chotti Chaupad. Apart from various types of ornaments, jewelries, precious & semi – precious stones, fabrics, traditional Rajasthani wears, the most unique thing is the standardization in terms of looks of the Market. The whole market is painted in Pink and the names of all shops are written in Black in a white block whether it’s an expensive jewelry shop or a sweets shop.

    Please confirm whether the Market remains open on Sunday or not (As it is the Festive Season due to DIWALI, One of the biggest Festivals of India)and plan accordingly.

    A MUST: Saturday night, you can plan your dinner at a place called Chokhi Dhaani, which is modeled on a Rajasthani Village, and you’ll be able to savor excellent traditional Rajasthani food.

    Hope you enjoy your stay over there.

    P.S – Do not forget to negotiate prices to at least by half as the prices are jacked up for tourists.

    Otherwise the people are nice and warm.

    And as far as the Desert Safaris are concerned, those would be available in Jaiselmer and Jodhpur as you’ll find sand dunes in this belt of Rajasthan, and I’m sure as Varun has rightly pointed out, Dune Surfing for sure would really be adrenaline pumping sport and the latest to hit the stalls in Rajasthan.

  6. varun pathak says:

    I have no idea to the questions asked above 😛 but recently I read a few lines on the camel and desert safaris also heard that the Dune surfing has emerged as the latest frenzy in adventure sports in Rajasthan. Can someone throw light on that too.

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