Is there any restrictions for foreigners to enter places of worships in India?


I am a amateur historian and researcher from Australia and for the first time visiting India next month. I need to know if there is any restrictions for foreigners to enter temples in India? Is there any fee for foreigners specially? I searched on various sites but most of them are either not updated from a long time or does not give proper information.


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  1. Tim says:

    I have visited a lot of religious places in India including Tirupati, Akshardham etc but there is no restrcitions as such. However on most of the places entry fees etc are different for foreigners. In some places photography etc are not allowed. You will get to know about that as there are signboards giving all relevant information. Or if you are planning for any specific place you can google and check if they have a proper website etc giving this information

    These are for famous places, for most of the lesser known places there are no restrictions or fees etc

    Tim Netherlands

  2. rohit mathur says:


    I have seen foreigners in most of the temples I have visited, so I don’t think there would be any restriction as such.

    All you would be expected to do is follow the code of conduct which is not hard, like footwear not allowed in the temple premises and avoid taking pics in temples where cameras are restricted.

    On the fee front I have not seen a temple asking for a entry fee, its the place of worship and its free 🙂 Though the pandit (Priest) may expect you to put some donation in the donation box or in his own plate 🙂 which of course is voluntary

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