Is it safe to travel from Delhi to Haridwar at night? Start from delhi at 1:00AM

We intend to go for 2 day trip this Friday from Delhi to Haridwar and then to Mussourie and Dhanaulti.
We are thinking of starting late in the night after office hours so that we reach Haridwar at around 5-6 AM .
Is it safe to start our journey from Delhi at 1:AM for Haridwar?

3 answers on “Is it safe to travel from Delhi to Haridwar at night? Start from delhi at 1:00AM”

  1. Vijesh says:

    Road condition in this stretch never changes and it’s as usual a bit broken. The one problem that I have always seen on this stretch is that despite being a two way system most of the roads are blocked for maintenance and just one road is opened making it seem like a single lane. It takes about 4 hours if you drive without any stops. Route- Delhi- Mohan Nagar- Meerut- Muzaffarnagar- Roorkee- Haridwar

  2. Sam says:

    How is the road condition these days to travel from Delhi to Haridwar and how much time does it take now a days? What route is recommended form Delhi to Haridwar?

  3. Vibhav says:
    I keep on traveling on this route very frequently I think most of the way is quite busy at nights as well, only that the truck traffic would be more during nights. Should be safe, I wouldn’t have thought twice for all guys journey.

    However if you are traveling with family then I would recommend its better you leave at around 3 AM so that by the time you cross Muzaffarnagar bypass area, its already morning.

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