Is it safe to drive a car from Delhi to Shimla?

I plan to go to Shimla from Delhi by car..Can anybody tell me whats the road condition like? Also is it safe to drive from Shimla to Kufri?
Please tell me the latest status…Looking forward for your replies.

2 answers on “Is it safe to drive a car from Delhi to Shimla?”

  1. anurag says:


    It is not recommended to take such a long route by car specialy in winters as mornings and evenings will be foggy



    Anurag Chandna

  2. Amie says:

    Recently my Uncle went on a trip to Shimla and through his experience I can tell the roads are not blocked but due to chilled winters and snowfall you might get slow traffic, also you might get fog early mornings or late evenings/ nights. Roads from Shimla are a mix of good and bad patches.

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