Is India really safe for foreign female tourist?


I am sally from Canada, I and one of my friend are planning to visit India soon, However when we keep track of news related to India it seems that its really not a safe place to be especially for young single women.

I have seen this question being asked on many forums and sites, and mostly the answers are either from Indians who take it personally and try to compare the crime rate with the country of the person who asked the question ( like, ok India is not safe but also not your place ) which is ridiculous, or the answer are just denying the fact that this problem exists.

Most of the answers I read talks about what to do personally to be safe, like don’t go to alone places, don’t take services from unauthorized vendors, but no one talks about why unauthorized vendors exists in the first place??

I also know that crime exists everywhere in the world but the main question is about authorities who should curb it, what they do after a bad thing happens, how fast is the justice mechanism working and what really are the preventive measures taken?

My question is not against India, so please don’t take it personally.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Hi sally,

    Thousands of vehicles runs on any particular highway but only a few unfortunate ones meet with any accident.. similarly thousands or say millions of people do air travel but only a very few of them are unfortunate to crash..

    Same analogy is with female tourist coming to India.
    So if you consider a Highway or air travel unsafe then you can also consider India Unsafe or vice versa.

    Regarding authorities and the system I also admit that things are not as good as they should be but its not also totally bad .. Every country has its own problems and issues, India also have some.. we hope things will get better…


  2. Virag says:

    Hey Sally,
    This is Virag here (Tel: +919819625950 or
    India is a very beautiful and a very safe plce for anyone.
    I will tell you that you must visit this place ASAp it is beautifull.
    If you want i can arrange a Guide who will take Care of you people and will show you full INDIA at a very Good Price also.
    Well Indian currency is very cheap comparative to your currency, so there is no question of Expense. Feel free to contact me any time when you visit or if you have any more queries

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