Is alcohol a big no at Kerela Beaches?

Though it is hardly going to make any impact on my trip to Kerela, but I still need to know if Alcohol has a big time no at Kerela Beaches. I hope I won’t be breaking any law if I carry a couple of Scotch bottles with myself. I do not want to land myself in any trouble therefore am asking. Please guide me accordingly.



2 answers on “Is alcohol a big no at Kerela Beaches?”

  1. Amit says:

    That’s crazy Tom , I thought of it to be a nice, small, peaceful place…
    Were you by any chance travelling on a weekend, with crowds from nearby cities it might have gone crazy..

    Thanks for your feedback…

    PS: That certainly means I can carry scotch 😉 , will sure try boat tour on backwaters, thanks



  2. Tom Magnum says:

    I was there in Alleppey, Kerala last year, and like every other tourist I met there, I wanted to get the hell out as soon as possible. It was a town of complete drunks, with fighting all over the place on the streets. If you must go, take a boat tour of the Backwaters for one day, and then go some place safe, like Cochin instead.

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