Information required for valley of flowers?

Hi all, I need some information about ‘valley of flowers’. How to reach, best times to go, what to do. I have heard that its an amazing place

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  1. vibhav says:

    That seems to be a beautiful option, I had no idea there was an alternative route to the valley of flowers. I went by the conventional route

  2. Advait Kumar says:

    There is another alternative route to valley of flowers
    From Joshimath , its usually to Govinghat and then Ghangaria followed by the valley.
    But actually the trek from Govindghat to Ghaghria (14 Kms aprox. ) is very crowded because it is also a pilgrimage rote to HemKund Sahib (it is also a beautiful Place, be aware though you will have to cross a huge Glacier)

    So the other route is from HANUMAN CHATTI.
    from Joshimath you can reach Hanuman Chatti and go straight to the valley and then to ghanghria. The problem is you wont find any village in between and most probably you will be the only one !! But if you like adventures and wanna escape the crowds into the beauty of Uttarakhand then I would say you go for it !!

  3. vibhav says:

    Valley of Flowers is like a heaven on earth. So its a must visit in case you are interested in trekking the Northern India.

    Best Season June – Oct (flowering is at its best in September)
    Distance From Delhi Appx 500 Kms
    Delhi – Rishikesh – Joshimath – GovindGhat – Ghangaria – Valley of flowers
    Govindghat – Ghangaria – Valley of Flowers Trekking (14 + 5 Kms)

    There are many ways to reach till GovindGhat lemme count some pointers for you:
    1. Reach Rishikesh Around 250 Kms from Delhi by Train/Bus/Car
    After Rishikesh is when the hilly terrain starts
    If you are a Biking enthusiast then you can also hire a Bike from Rishikesh.
    2. Hire a Car/Taxi/Bus from Rishikesh to Govindghat. Takes about 7-8 hrs in car.
    3 You can easily get an accommodation in joshimath or Govindghat.
    4. Nice places to see on the trip includes Auli (Best skiing destination in India -winters only 🙂 )
    5. Badrinath holy Hindu shrine is a small drive from Govindghat. If you are one of those religious kinds.

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