Info required for Bandhavgarh national park?

I am planning a trip to bandhavgarh national park next month? Can someone give any insight about it. What to do what to see and any other important thing I should know before going in the month of October?


2 answers on “Info required for Bandhavgarh national park?”

  1. Dhanush says:

    The park opens from October onwards and just avoid going in the monsoon season as the national park would be closed. It opens from October and national park close till June.
    Bandhavgarh has got amazing wildlife to look forward. Nature and wildlife is a perfect blend over there.

  2. Sachin Jha says:

    Bandhavgarh is open from October till June every year, then closed from July till Sept for monsoons. Visiting in 1st half of October is not a good idea, as at times the monsoons are delayed and some of the park roads are not open for tourists. Safer bet is from 15th October onwards

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