How safe is it to drive two wheeler on Yamuna Expressway?

Is it a safe option to travel on Yamuna Expressway on a two wheeler? It sound exciting to me. Going by the weather having a 2 hour ride on yamuna Expressway could be amazing. Anyone who has already done that?

2 answers on “How safe is it to drive two wheeler on Yamuna Expressway?”

  1. shruti says:

    yamuna expressway is a place where you can see maximum no of road accidents. you need to keep that in mind that there are three lanes adjoining a long need to follow all the rules and regulations that are to be followed over there.specially you have to maintain the speed if you are passing all its risky but you have to maintain all the sides.

  2. Damini says:

    I assume you are taking about a bike and not a cycle 🙂
    I must tell you one thing, you can go on yamuna express way by two- wheelers but always remember to take precaution about your speed limit. Its safe only if you drive in your lane and follow rules of driving. Normally any two wheelers are not safe on long distances so drive on your own risk for the same.

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