How safe are night hike and treks for girls?

Ever since I have had a night hiking experience in Mashobra I haven’t been able to get off the hangover. Now after a while I will be having a 3 day long weekend available to complete the never quest of mine. What are the finest night hiking options available? Also I am planning to go for some adventure activities along with some sightseeing. I will be travelling along with my girlfriend, so is it safe for a girl to travel along while I am planning for a night hiking experience?



One answer on “How safe are night hike and treks for girls?”

  1. Vibhav says:

    As far as safety is concerned, Wildlife does not differentiate between guys and girls, so you equally beware 😉

    Safety on night trek is more dependent on the organizer who is getting it done, some points to check before you plan for one:
    1. Its better to have a local guide who knows the area well.
    2. Get to know about wildlife presence in the area.
    3. Carry Torches (its better to have headlamps so your hands are free while walking narrow trails). Do not point torches into other trekkers eyes.
    4. Is it a full moon night : More the moon, the better it is, on a full moon night, after a while your eyes gets accustomed and you would be able to see clear.

    Night hikes can be done almost anywhere, just need to be a little more alert since you wont be able to see well while its happy hunting time for wildlife predictors. Most of the wildlife shy away from humans unless its a direct faceoff. We have encountered Hyenas and Wild Dogs on one night hike, best safety parameter is to keep together and stand your ground (don’t try to run).

    Best way is to ask your organizer/hotel/resort if they have guides who can take you on a night hike.

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