How is night life in Udaipur?

How is night life in Udaipur City? I have a holiday package booked in Purple Seas Heritage Resort for this weekend but would also like to know about the night life in the city.



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  1. shruti says:

    Nightlife in udaipur adds on more to the beauty of the city.there are hotels as well as some sites which tinkles and glows into the night light.there are shopping streets that is again a treat to the people who are roaming at night or having a hangout to just refresh their minds.

  2. Damini says:

    Hi Bunty,

    Nightlife in Udaipur is quite unique. The best thing about nightlife in Udaipur is street shopping. You can also enjoy amusing sound and light show in the city palace.

    BAMBOO BEATS – DISC N PUB IN UDAIPUR : This one Spot is worth enjoying the nightlife in Udaipur. It is best place to chill out. You can come here with family and friends to relax.
    You can roam in the busy Udaipur streets for shopping and of course, treat yourself with mouth watering Rajasthani Cuisine. For a musical, classical and colorful night at Udaipur, do not forget to enjoy the traditional dance performances at Meera Kala Mandir.


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