How good is it to plan for a post monsoon trip to Ladakh?

How good idea is it to plan a post monsoon trip to leh-Ladakh? I have heard it is the only place that remains less season-weather affected. Searched all across but couldn’t find a place better than Ladakh in monsoon and post monsoon season?


One answer on “How good is it to plan for a post monsoon trip to Ladakh?”

  1. Shobhit says:

    Hi Amit,
    Post monsoon could be the best season to travel to Leh-Ladakh. Post monsoon the region becomes devoid of water and moisture too and chill starts to set in with intermittent snowfall. The road conditions also improve a bit in comparison to the rest of the season, in fact the best roads of the season since the maintenance works also settles by that time. Also it is the time when some camps have closed, packed up and some still run. Water is aqua blue this time giving you perfect shots if you are camera friendly. So if you have already planned up go for it as you have made a good choice. But if you are still planning do not waste your time in doing that.

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