Honeymoon in Nainital or Shimla. Which is better

Hi all,

I want to know about Honeymoon in Nainital or Shimla. Which is better. I am planning for my honeymoon in any of these two places, looking for a nominal and good resort/hotel. Any suggestions? please post quickly. I have to freeze my plans in a week.

Thanks in advance


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  1. Pravesh says:

    Hi Between Shimla and Nainital its always Nainital. I have been to both places, Nainital offers much more excitement than Shimla and natural beauty of Kumaon and Almora is unbeatable. For snowfall you can go to nearby places of Nainital like Mukteshwar and if you have time then don’t miss Kausani in uttarakhand it will take 4 hours from Nainital and believe me its the best place for honeymoon and the scenic beauty is unbeatable moreover Kausani is said to be the switzerland of India. Places near Nainital would be Nainatal, Sat taal, Naukuchital, Khurpatal and there are two tremendous waterfalls don’t miss them. One is 5 km away and one is 30 km away from Nainital then you can also go to Mukteshwar, Ranikhet, Almora etc.

  2. Sanjay says:

    I am planning for my honeymoon, my would be wife is fond of hills and snow caps, can anyone suggest the options in and around Nainital. Where else can I visit

  3. Vinni says:

    Rajat, I completely agree with Vibhav and Mike. Nainital is the better option to go for honeymoon. I belong to that place and I have been to Shimla also. And I can assure you that you will love it. There are so many options in Nainital that you don’t have in Shimla. As Vibhav said there a so many places to see

  4. vibhavgaur says:

    Why I like Nainital more than Shimla.

    1) Nainital is not as congested as Shimla..
    2) Lots of near by places to visit like Bhimtal, Sat Tal, Naukuchiya Tal, Snow View, Tiffin Top, Hanuman Temple(Hanuman Garhi), zoo etc
    3) Cable Car, Boating
    4) Nice places within 60km (2hrs journey) of radius like Ranikhet, Almora, Ramgarh, Mukteshwar (excellent views of the Himalayas).
    5) There is a observatory (ARIES) just 8-10kms from Naninital from where you can see the various planets of our solar system.

  5. rajat says:

    I have finally got the booking done at Shervani hilltop in Nainital. Did not go to Naukuchiyatal as friends told me it would be way too deserted at this point in time. Got a decent package 3days and 2 nights for 6200 with meals included. Thanks to all who tried to help

  6. ravi says:

    In my opinion the best hotel at mall is Alka hotel, one room about Rs.4200.00 per night. I always stay there, nice hotel best location and good staff. The best in Nainital is Manno Maharani, but it dose not have view of the lake, price per room 7500. For best value of money KMVN hotels are best From dehradun you can book the following train: 4120 DDN KGM EXPRESS 22:30 07:15

  7. Rajat says:

    Thanks for the quick responses:) but mike! how far is this hotel from main Nainital. I have zeroed down on Nainital finally planning to get booking done in next few days. Would appreciate any further help or pointers.
    I am traveling from Dehradun.

  8. vibhav says:

    Nainital is better plus you can have romantic boat rides on the lakes there.
    I took a hotel on the mall but that would not be good for honeymoon. Have stayed in some GMVN hotels in Garhwal which are good but have not tried KMVN. By the way, from which place are you traveling to these places? Delhi?

  9. Mike..... says:

    See for Nainital best hotels or KMVN guest houses and hotels. They are government hotels but are way better than any other hotel in that area. I can assure you. The People working there are very nice, the location is awesome and the prices are very economical. You can book your room online through there website- http://www.kmvn.gov.in/ or you can go to any KMVN hotel to get it booked. About Shimla I don’t know. I would recommend Nainital because as I hear from friends that Shimla has become very very busy ! no peace !

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