Haunted places in Delhi?

Want to shoot a documentary on Haunted places in and near by Delhi. Anyone who can help me out to make a list of 3-4 of such places that are really haunted. Have heard lot of stories about Dwarka Sector 9 metro station. Do they hold any substance in them or they are just stories. Please folks need to shortlist such places real quick. Need Help.



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  1. shruti says:

    well if you are going to a haunted place that is located in delhi you cannot miss “bhuli
    bhatiyari ka mahal, “house no w-3 and khooni darwaza which gives you an absolutely spine chilling experience.you can surely visit this place but its all on your risk of how you are handling the situation.

  2. Vibhav says:

    if you are covering haunted places, you cannot miss a mention of Bhangarh fort ( most haunted place in India).
    It’s around 3 hrs distance from Delhi.

  3. Ritika says:

    Dear Akash,

    India is full of haunted places all over the country. Like every other place, Delhi has some real haunted places too. Here are the few haunted places in Delhi.

    Delhi Cantonment- According to many spectators, they had seen the ghost of a lady in white dress asking for lift. Some of them who stopped to give her lift, she vanished. While others who did not stop their vehicle, found her running faster than the vehicle.

    Dwarka (Sector 9) Metro Station – It is one of the most popular haunted places in Delhi. People have experienced paranormal energy slapping them and a woman appearing and disappearing in the middle of the road.

    Bloody River – Khooni Nadi (bloody River) in Rohini, Delhi is believed to be haunted. It is said that whoever enters the river is sucked inside it.

    Ghost at The Karkardooma Delhi Court – Lawyers at Karkardooma Court Complex, Delhi have complained of paranormal sightings of a shadowy ghost figure. Ghost was caught on video camera installed in the Karkardooma court complex. The video footage shows a white shadowy figure appearing from one of the walls in the complex.

    As per the reports and people who eye witnessed these places, it is true. But you will find the truth until you visit these places.


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