Getting married in India for Foreigners


I am from netherland and I am planning to get married soon. My fiance and I are planning to make the marriage special for us. One of the ideas that we have is to get married in a different country.

Can someone let me know what locations in india would be best for getting married, I plan to fly in my close relatives for the occassion, enjoy the stay and make it an event that is memorable for life…


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  1. Abdullah says:

    Hi Jane,

    I am Abdullah…and i do agree with sohan about the places! That these are some good places…but i want to add some more like Forts and Havelis in Rajasthan…as this properties will provide you with some good Indian Touch and good Indian Food!

    This Forts and Havelis will provide you with some good ambience and facilities..which will help you out in making your marriage a mixture of western & eastern style.

    So, hope for the best…& have a happy married life!


  2. Sohan says:

    Hi Jane,

    Cant think of this kind of funny or may be crazy idea! Thumbs up…for this kinda idea!
    Btw, if i have to answer your query……i have to know your preference! Like:
    1.What kind of properties you are looking for?
    2.what kind of place you are searching for? (Hill Stations or Beach)

    Still, I will provide you with some details:

    Best Hill Stations:
    9.Mount Abu

    If you are looking for some beach stuffs…than you can go for:

    1.Candolim Beach(Goa)
    2.Alappuzha Beach(Kerala)
    3.Anjuna Beach(Goa)
    4.Calangute Beach(Goa)
    5.Colva Beach(Goa)
    6.Varkala Beach(Kerala)

    So, these are the options what i can provide you…. Go through this! and if me up….. will be there to help you again!


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