What is vXplor Answers?
vXplor Answers is a travel community portal where anyone can ask any question related to Travel and Tourism and get answer from other readers and travel experts registered with vXplor.

What kind of questions can be asked?
There is no restrictions based on the type of questions provided they are related to tourism and are useful for other users and travelers.

After how much time my Question will appear on the site?
Mostly within 1-48 hours ( provided its not rejected ).

Will I get any notification on question addition or on a reply to my question?
You will get an automatic notification when you post an answer and its approved. We currently don’t give any notification when your question is approved ( because of large number of questions being asked everyday). However we might contact you if we are going to approve your contribution and there is a need of any change in it. So please always give your correct and current email address while asking a question.

How many questions can I can ask?
You can ask as many as you want.

I submitted a question but it does not appear on the website?
Either its rejected ( because it does not relate to travel or considered spam ) or it must be under moderation process.

What is the criteria of rejection of an entry?

Anything nor related to tourism and travel or considered spam will be rejected. The decision of vXplor administrators will be final regarding this

How can I remove edit / update any question I submitted earlier?
No. For simplicity sake we don’t offer any updation / modifications of questions, answers already submitted. However if you really want to do it and have a good reason then you can mail us with the URL of the entry. We will try to do it for you. Also if you want to update anything or add anything to it you can always post a reply / comment on the question

How can I report an abuse, malicious content listed on vXplor Answers?
Mail us with the URL of the entry stating the reason. We will review your suggestion.

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