Douments required for driving a bike in other state

Hi Guys,I want to transfer my bike which is with AP registration to Bangalore.I already applied for NOC in RTO.But my question is can i use my bike in bangalore with same number plate with out registering in karnataka??Is it sufficient if i pay road tax or we have to pay any other tax?I heard that once if we apply for NOC ,details of the bike registration in that state will be deleted,is it true??


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  1. Vijay umare says:

    Sir I will trip three weeks from Hyderabad to Maharashtra can I need NOC & which documents is required.

  2. raghav says:

    Hi Mahesh,

    I did the same, went from infy hyd to bangalore with bike with a NOC and the bike transportation receipt, to confirm when my bike entered Karnataka.
    If you are there for less than a year then you need not worry about anything and can show the bike transfer receipt to the police and tell them that you were recently shifted.

    It would only be a good idea to change the registration if you intend to use the bike permanently in Bangalore or plan to sell it there.
    Not sure about deletion of the records from RTO after taking NOC, guess it won’t be done cause I had taken a NOC for my car and then gotten a new duplicate RC issued after I lost it.


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