Documents needed to ride Delhi registered bike in Hyderabad

Hi All,

I recently got transferred to Hyderabad from Delhi. I have brought my bike with Delhi registration. I have following documents with me.

1) Driving Licence
2) Registration Certificate (RC)
3) Valid Insurance Certificate
4) Valid Pollution Certificate

Are these documents enough to ride on my bike in AP, as I do not have NOC from Delhi. Can I pay road tax directly instead of NOC.

Please let me know about the same or alternatives

Thanks in advance
Nalla Mahesh

4 answers on “Documents needed to ride Delhi registered bike in Hyderabad”

  1. sudhanshu says:

    I think that you can pay road tax directly however even in that case you need to get NOC from Delhi (no need for re-registration)

  2. abhishek says:

    You need to apply for NOC in the RTO from where your bike was registered. They would ask you to provide police verification certificate, which you can get from the police headquarters or you can find this out from the RTO itself. It sounds very complicated but if you go yourself personally, getting a police verification certificate may not be that tedious and costly.

    You can take services of an agent, but he may ask for some money. where as if you go directly to the police they will only charge Rs 20 as fees.
    Other than the Police verification certificate, you need to deposit a form for applying NOC and also your bike’s RC book in original. NOC application fees is around Rs 100. but getting NOC is a long process. it may take a couple of month or more.

  3. abhishek says:
    You need to apply for the NOC in Delhi, only then you would be able to register your bike in AP. The NOC itself will be valid for one year, with in which you are expected to register your bike in AP. With out proper NOC, you may be harassed by traffic police
  4. manorenj says:

    Officially Road tax receipt is valid only for one year. After which you need to get state Reg Number

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