Delhi to Manali best route

Hi, a general question, What is the best and most comfortable method to go from Delhi to Manali? Is there an airport in Manali? I am form Mumbai

Shuchita goyal

4 answers on “Delhi to Manali best route”

  1. raghav says:

    Route through Ropar would take less time…i suggest u take that…

  2. suchita says:

    Heyy which route is better the one through shimla or the one through Ropnagar (ropar)

  3. raghav says:

    Here’s a Map


  4. Akash says:

    HI shuchita, The nearest airport to Manali is that of Bhuntar, which is 52-km from Manali.
    You can check for the flights schedule on any of the travel websites.

    However if you are comfortable in bus journey there are good daily luxury volvo bus service from Delhi. It will take around 12-14 Hours.. a bit long 🙂 But the overall journey is good

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