Delhi to haridwar route by road

Hi All. I want to know something about Delhi to Haridwar route. Can someone tell what are the options if we want to go by road. Is it clean and safe route ( specially in the nights ). Is it a highway?

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  1. Kumar says:

    If you are planning to go by car from Haridwar to Delhi, I have some useful information to share.

    Our car rammed into road divider at the speed 80 or 90, spun across the road damaging the chassis, we survived the crash with minor injuries. This happened around 60 Kms from Roorkee, near Ganpati Vaishanav Hotel at the point of Bagga Plaza Hotel, Bajedi/Badgovali mod.

    The cause this accident is the faulty road divider constructions where these dividers are not aligned at the point divider breaks for turning towards right. So you tend to run over the divider. Ideally more space should be given on the road for vehicle turning right. A shabby job by the people in-charge.

    Every 5th day, there’s similar accident at this point as narrated by the people around the place. This regular occurrence has given people new business opportunity. A minute after the accident, they are there, smell if anyone is under influence of alcohol, threaten to take you to the police station, they have ready with them telephone Numbers of Crane service, mechanics etc, and they operate on commission basis.

    It is a nexus of road constructors and these fellows. Vehicles in the night should take note of it.

  2. Raghav says:

    I would recommend take NH72. Delhi-Meerut Bypass – Khatoli – Roorkee – Haridwar – Rishikesh
    Although the roads got broken during monsoon but now they are being repaired and getting better.

  3. vijoy says:

    For Delhi to Rishikesh which is better NH58 or Bijnor-Najibabad route? Self driving Zen Estilo

  4. NITIN CHUGH says:

    By cab would be the best option , or can take a flight to jolly grant airport, dehradun & will take 1.5 hr to reach Haridwar

  5. Janhavi says:

    Can you please tell me how to reach Shivalik Nagar(Haridwar) from Delhi IGI airport? What is the best option?

  6. NITIN CHUGH says:

    Most of the NH58 will be closed during the period. The driver may take you to the route I suggested, but it all depends on the ground situation at that time

  7. kumaran says:

    Thanks Nitin I interpret that we should not take the Bijnor, Najibabad road end august. If at all we decide to go by road, then we stay with the NH58, which appears these days to be a travelers nightmare

  8. NITIN CHUGH says:

    Hello Kumaran, you are planning your visit during kanwad month & most of the routes during the period are generally closed or changed. Travel people are giving you right information at least for this period. I have never traveled there during this period & during this period, there can be no certainty of this route, the drivers are experienced & they will surely take care. A word of caution kanwadiyas, generally get aggressive as they are in big group of people & known to show aggression, try and avoid the same route which has these people during this period

  9. kumaran says:

    I should also add that I am not familiar with the geography of that region and most of the travel agents we contacted say it would take anywhere from 6 to 9 hours for the Delhi – Haridwar circuit, with the existing conditions.

  10. kumaran says:

    Hello Nitin , We are planning a trip to Haridwar and onwards end of next month . Flight connections from Delhi are unsuitable leaving no option but to spend good part of the day in Delhi. From your reply and experience it appears road could be a good option, contrary to what we keep hearing about the bad road / being made. Can you please elaborate a bit so that we can explain to travel agency for a Innova to take us to Haridwar. We are booked onwards to Valley of Flowers

  11. kumaran says:

    Thank you sir . We shall take the road NH 119 , as you suggested .

  12. NITIN CHUGH says:

    Delhi-Meerut-Mawana-Bijnor (bypass kumbh mela road)-Ramraj-Najibabad Bypass-Haridwar is an excellent road, few ATM’s & puncture wala’s also there, drive at 90–100kms in lush green fields bounded by trees, no tension of overtaking, no traffic hassles, road is good only problem is passing through Meerut interiors, if some one can help through that it will be grateful. I will always go through this road in spite of Meerut.

  13. pervendr says:

    We traveled to Haridwar last month from Delhi. Believe me its one hell of a journey. Right from Ghaziabad the traffic would be bouncing upon you. All the earlier thoughts of a pleasant dreams would go down the fry pan. The road is pathetic, all across till Roorkee the road is getting constructed and most of the time from Roorkee its single lane ( driving very difficult in night as high beam lights from opposite side vehicles getting you blind at night). Take the words and avoid the road trip till we have NH58 ready ( probably will take 1 to 1.5 years).

  14. Himanshu says:

    Well if you are planing for the night journey then the best root that you can take is the main highway from Delhi to Dehradun (NH 73). In the day time its usually very busy. Else in the day time, there’s a parallel highway that starts after Muradnagar. The Bridge that goes above Ganga is intersecting it. Its named Kawad Patri

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