Delhi to Haridwar- NH 58 or NH 119

I will be traveling from Delhi to Haridwar by car on Dec. ’09. I read that NH 58 road condition is not good due to construction. Do you have any suggestion on which route should I take to reach Haridwar from Delhi?

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  1. Ravi says:

    Haridwar alternate route

    it is not safe in dark hours, not even after 6 PM. Many planned robberies I know happened on this thin road with people in Scorpios and safaris. Moreover, the risk of jumping your car in the canal is always there is driving at 60+ speed.

    Advice –
    I have used alternate route many time but I do NOT suggest this to anyone. road conditions is not good & forest road & narrow road. It is risky & planned robberies route. Never use this route after 5pm.

    Robbers & Risky Route –
    Haridwar – Najibabad – Bijnaur – Mirapur – Mawana – Meerut – Delhi
    Distance covered – 242 kms
    Time – 4hours

    Always use national highway 58. Best route.

    Route – Delhi – Muradnagar – Modinagar – Meerut – Muzzafarnagar – Roorkee – Haridwar

    Distance covered – 221 kms
    Time – 5hours

  2. Saniya Binal says:

    Delhi to Haridwar distance by road is 213 kilometre and can be reach in 5 hour from Delhi.
    For Road distance, road map, shortest route, driving direction and alternative route visit :

  3. FunnyMan says:

    I get some more information about NH 58 … check the below web site …
    total summery at a glance

  4. Jay says:

    Thanks all! This is a really helpful forum.

  5. Raghav says:

    Just to add avoid using the kawar patri route after its dark (post 8 PM or so).

  6. Vibhav says:

    this is the time taken from Noida, add another .5-1 hr depending on where you start from in delhi. 🙂
    Have a nice journey

  7. Vibhav says:


    With the Kawar Patri road I take about 2 hrs for Khatauli another 2.5 for roorkee and another 1 hour for haridwar, so 5.5 hours in total.
    With the main highway it takes an additional 1-1.5 hrs.
    Again depends on the traffic and what place in delhi do you start from.

    The traffic is more on saturday mornings and Monday mornings and ofcourse during office hours.

  8. Jay says:

    Thanks Vibhav. How long will it take to reach Haridwar from Delhi during day time with current road condition?

  9. Vibhav says:

    I am a frequent traveller on NH 58 the roads are improving ….ha…since the last many years.. 😀

    An even better option is to take the Kawar patri (its a straight route by the side of ganga nahar) route from Muradnagar and go off to Khatauli and then roorkee then you can take the conventional route to Haridwar from roorkee.


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