Delhi – Mussoorie road

I am planning to go to mussoorie next week with my own convence. I am taking the route of Delhi – Merrut- Mujjafar nagar-Roorkee-Dehradun- Mussoorie . I want to start around 2am from faridabad. Is this route safe at this time? howz the conditi0n of roads. Thnks SAM

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  1. vibhav says:

    hi sam….

    first of all i think that u meant 2PM instead of 2 AM as the time u want to start from faridabad..
    Yes it is safe..

    But instead of going through meerut and mujaffar nagar you can take meerut and mujaffar nagar bypass from to avoid the city traffic…

    An alternative better option is to get on to the Kawar patti road (road alongside gang nahar “Ganga canal”), this you can take from muradnagar (before modinagar) and then carry on to khatauli and then to roorkee on the same road…this is a decent road and would save you a lot of time…

    Road from dehradun to mussoorie is perfect…

    Please let me know if you have some confusions…

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