Camping & trekking in Chopta

Hi, I want to go to Chopta for couple of days and camp there. I’m also thinking of doing short individuals treks (same day return) from there everyday. Can anyone suggest good camping site there, individual treks that can be done, any other adventure activity that is possible there? Kavita

2 answers on “Camping & trekking in Chopta”

  1. Bharat says:

    Hello Kavita ji,
    If you want best camping site at Chopta you can try the Magpie camp . Please check then web . They are local people who are running this camp so they know all about the area and surroundings.

  2. Akhya says:

    Hello Kavita,

    Last year i had a camping and trekkihg trip to chopta with vxplor, and the trip was so mamazing that i believe no one knows the place better than the vxplor people. I would suggest you to check thye following link,you can also contact them at

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