Camping in winters

What is the minimum temperature till which one can comfortably stay in a camp in winters. I am planning to camp in winters, any advise from experts here???

Have heard there are some camps where people can comfortably stay till -5 deg???… is it true..

Have only done camping once at Rishikesh…


One answer on “Camping in winters”

  1. Vibhav says:

    Hi Arpita,

    Pro Campers do camping even at temperatures of -10 degs…but they are then prepared for the cold and have proper insulation…

    Some guidelines:
    1. Take enough warm clothes to keep you warn and dry.
    2. Wear multiple layers instead of some thick layers.
    3. Its most imp to keep ears covered and keep feet warm.
    4. Keep your head covered.
    5. Take water regularly, even if you dont feel thirsty, its common to get dehydrated without feeling thirsty.
    6. Take proper shoes (perferable Ankle shoes) so they dont get wet in snow.
    7. Avoid Alcohol (excessive drinking) it can cause dehydration and nausea.
    8. Make sure the camps are high altitude camps and sleeping bags can sustain warmth in sub zero temperatures.

    Thats about it…let me know if you need something specific.


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