Camp or hotel which way to go?

Actually I am planning a trip to Rishikesh in the extended weekend that I am going to have in this coming EID. I will be travelling with my younger brothers and their wive’s along with my wife which makes us six people. I want to know is it better to make my booking in camps and try some Adventure activities or should I stay back at Hotel and limit myself to sightseeing? What would be a better option? Rafiq

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  1. Tanya says:

    Yes, I agree with all of above. Staying in camps will give you a different experience. Obviously, you must have stayed in hotels but this time you should try something different to get a memorable experience with your family. Also if you will stay in camps, you can also enjoy various adventure activities.

  2. Jayenta says:

    It depends on how you wanted to spend this holiday. Leisure or adventure. If you stayed in hotel it will be same old normal life , relaxed and drink tea, coffee with your family and if you stay in camp then it includes all river rafting, trekking and rock climbing. You are planning to have different time with your family so why not little bit adventure aye? Here are two camp site which you should opt for because of its locale that you wont find it anywhere. Remo’s and Gharwal Adventure’s camp site.
    The best time would be in April and May because of natural reason and before you go there, contact concern person and plan according to that.

  3. Suman says:

    Hi Rafiq,

    It would be better if you ask their suggestions before making bookings. Hotel and camps have their own charms. Hotel is like more luxury and easy way to stay at a place where as camps are more of a adventure related. If you really want to experience some adventure in life and bore of staying in hotel then you must try camping at an unexplored place. It will give you a different feeling altogether.


  4. Pyol says:

    You have few options for adventure in Rishikesh like rafting, camping, rock climbing and trekking. All this thing can be done within two days. Camp site option you have Remo’s and Gharwal Adventure camping site. Though there are lot of camping site but these two have best locale. No need to worry about expenditure because all of it are comes under packages and best thing is if you contact directly to them you might get in cheaper price.
    Usually the best time to go there is april and may since their will be sufficient water but later on because of rising temperature, the glacier will melt down and water level will be increase. So before you go there make sure you call them and plan according to that.

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