Bike transfer Delhi to Hyderabad. Formalities required

I have brought my bike from Delhi to Hyderabad. I have the NOC. Using that I have paid AP Road LifeTax. Do I have to apply for new RC and bike number change?


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  1. mannu says:

    How much is life tax or road tax to be paid in AP if we want to drive the bike which is registered in pune? My bike is of 2004 model

  2. indiantravel says:

    If you have paid the AP rad tax, then with that slip you can run your vehicle over here. Traffic police don’t stop if AP road tax is paid. I am running my vehicle by paying AP road tax.

  3. Ashish says:

    If you have paid life time road tax in AP and already have NOC then you need not to go for registration. It is not mandatory.

  4. Reghu says:

    As per rule you have to get the new State number in one year. Otherwise, if somebody stops you and knows the rule can challan you. I was asked several times as to when the Tax was paid. New number cost you additional 500 Rs. But getting the number will take a long time if approached directly. More over, in the event of you wanting to sell your bike, it can reduce the value with out AP number

  5. Raja says:

    You can drive your Bike in AP for 1 year from the date of NOC. After 1 year, you have to register it in AP. And its valid for any state.

  6. Gaurav says:

    I guess so. That is wsat NOC is for. You need to get your bike registered at AP

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